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Manicure Express
Laka Franchise

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    LAKA, a leading express manicure chain, was established in 2008 by a group specializing in branding and retail management. The company has a great deal of experience in the retail industry, and it has been specializing in running stalls and retail systems in Europe and Israel for over ten years.

    After 4 successful years in the nail bar business, we are interested in growing and expanding our global chain.

    We invite you to join our network of international franchisees and enjoy and evolving business opportunity guaranteeing a quick, low-risk return on your investment.

    What are we offering you?

    As an international franchisee of LAKA you will enjoy the backing of a strong brand, a proven technique (Methodology), high demand, and professional support:

    • A unique brand and concept: Express manicure on the go – distinct and uniquely designed kiosk at shopping centers, combining professional treatments with the sale of supplementary products (private label)
    • A well-developed international business and marketing setup that has proven itself through rapid and profitable development
    • Help finding the best location
    • The ability to analyze new markets
    • Close support and professional assistance at all stages of establishment and throughout the franchise period (on a constant and regular basis)
    • Training program for franchisees

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