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About Laka

  • LAKA – Express Manicure on the Go

    LAKAis the leading Israeli express manicure chain, the first to brilliantly introduce the simple but sought-after: a fashionable manicure to the busy woman: just 15 minutes, no appointment needed and on the go while running errands (and shopping) in the mall!

    Yes , We believe that personal care and fashion are the spices that add interest, color, and joy to the life of every woman, and that all women are entitled to enjoy them, No muss no fuss.

    LAKA is currently in a process of accelerated global expansion: the company now has a total of 12 branches throughout Israel (link to branches) and 6 branches worldwide (link to world branches).

    LAKA'S unique format

    Open space – All LAKA's branches are designed as opendynamic bars centrally located at select malls,offering manicure stations and pedicure chairs that provide each customer with an intimate experience.

    It's not a nail salon – Unlike most beauty parlors, a visit to LAKA does not require a special trip, advance preparationsor appointments. It takes no more than 15 minutes to maintain a well-groomed and fashionable appearance! Unless, of course, you choose to spend a few more minutes pampering yourself with our selection of extra treatments (link to list of treatments).

    Fashion, fashion, fashion –

    A woman's nails have become part of her image and of her personal statement. All our manicurists are passionate, loving and living fashion in addition to receiving aunique professional LAKA'S system training,

    It's all about color

    Gone are the days of wearing one color your entire life. Today the color of your nail polish should be just as dynamic as life, fashion and your mood.

    LAKA has a largevariety of exclusively produced high quality nail polishes, with over 150 fashionable shades.

    Each season, LAKA launches new and changing collections with dozens of unique shades matching the hottest fashion trends.

    But you don't have to take our word for it. Our nail polishes have won excellent reviews by customers and beauty reporters,published by a variety of magazines(link to press cuttings zone*). you are more than welcometo come and chooseyour own color, preferably a new one every time!

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